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I’m Tiffany!

A Spirit-Led Mentor With a Heart For Empowering Leaders + Equipping Dreamers.

It’s my passion and my forte to 

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discover your calling +

help you birth it into existence.

An Entrepreneur, Community Champion, and Brunch Aficionado. Based in Los Angeles, CA with her Chocolate Lab, Milo Pup.

Lover of all things sparkly, creative, and community-minded, she enjoys pool floating, soulful conversations + fabulous dinner parties. Her passion is creating family, community, and deep impacts. She consults with businesses and churches raising up people, thoughts, ideas and brands. She is also the founder of the global organization "Gals That Brunch" which exists now in over 110+ cities around the world dedicated to creating spaces for community while its heartbeat is to see women walk in greater levels of freedom.   

Through creating family and community and her own journey of pursuing freedom it has been her hope and purpose to raise up people, ideas, and empower individuals to develop their dreams and visions into the highest callings on their lives. Her dedication is to see people walk in complete freedom, fullness, and wholeness as we are all so perfectly designed to be.

Tiffany Alysa Accardi 

what i'm really known for

Throwing the most epic dinner parties, calling out the GOLD in others, loving fiercely, sage wisdom, and beltin' my heart out to "I will always love you"...

I’ve got the ooomph of “Olivia Pope” with a DAZZLE of “Super Soul Sunday”…

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Tiffy Cent, Tiff, Sniff, Tiffy


Anything Citrus + Fresh Roses

Favorite smell

Yebba, always YEBBA!!

music on repeat

Taormina, Italy, or South of France

travel destination

Iced Oat Milk Latte

go-t0 coffee

Emily In Paris, Younger, Outlander, Marvelous Ms. Maisel or Grey's Anatomy

Favorite netflix binge

Micheladas or Moscow Mules

Favorite cocktail

Lobster Eggs Benedict or Breakfast Tacos

Favorite brunch item

Ever After, Sister Act II, Tears Of The Sun, Cool Runnings

Favorite Movie(s)

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what others are saying

“Tiffany is a stand out culture driven leader, who is determined to raise the bar in performance and accountability. She has a unique work ethic in that she can simultaneously drive performance and increase job satisfaction… her leadership has directly contributed to my own professional growth.” 

“Super Soul Sunday embodied in a person.”

“Tiffany has always inspired me with her ability to bring a group of people together and create a family dynamic.”

“You’ve really made the top charts Ms. Accardi….thank you for being such an incredible and inspirational leader." 

“Know what I loved most about being on your team? I found my ‘best friend’ at work… you’re awesome at bringing people together.”